Chris' Special Tie Knot

Chris' Special Tie Knot

Friday, October 11, 2013

Joy in Service, October 11, 2013


Elder Brousseau's MTC District and one of his teachers
I can't believe the amount of love I've felt in the last week, both from others and for others as well. It didn't start out very well either, the MTC has a way of taking everything you thought was special about yourself and making it seem dull and ordinary. My companions are great. I'm not really sure what to write, I'm not actually used to speaking in English anymore. My entire district (me and my 2 companions), and the district of the Czech elders decided to do our best to speak in our languages amongst ourselves, and I've been finding that I actually can speak a lot more than I thought of other languages as well, like Spanish. Spanish-speaking elders all like to show off their language and I found out that not only can I understand them, but I can speak back pretty well also (I'm not fluent by any means). Also, I've been using SO MUCH FRENCH while I've been here, I'm actually finding myself usually thinking in a language that isn't English.
I adored general conference, especially Elder Holland on Saturday and President Monson pretty much the whole time. Someday I aspire to be even nearly that spiritual. Instead of giving you all the spiritual insight I was blessed with at that amazing conference, I'll just tell you guys the quotes that touched me the most, deal? Good.=)
"What is said is not as important as what I hear, and what I feel."
"When it comes to serving the Lord, it is not where you serve, but how."
"The past is to be looked at, but not lived in [...] faith is always looking ahead toward the future."
"It may break our hearts, but [...] we honor their right to worship God according to the dictates [...] which we claim for ourselves."
My faith can make me whole in any & all ways.
"Do not vote against the preciousness of life by ending it. Broken minds can be healed."
The whole section from Les Mis, haha.=)
"We do not become champions without discipline, or in other words, without making mistakes."
Well to close, I'm so glad I'm here, I miss you all so much, but it's more of an I wish I could bring you guys with me than an I wish I could come home.=) Stay strong, love the gospel, and email me back, I get to read emails and letters whenever, but I can't respond to them till Friday, just so you know.=)

Milujem T'a, Evanjelium v Jesiz Christus je pravdiva,
Starsí Chris Brousseau

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  1. Hi Chris, So glad to hear from you and hear about all the experiences that you're having . Want you toI know that we love you very much and pray for you everyday . We had a chance to split with the missionaries this week and it was fun to see what
    you will be doing soon. Love grandma and grandpa broussesau