Chris' Special Tie Knot

Chris' Special Tie Knot

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Christ-like Attributes

Chris pointing to his mission on the famous MTC world map
I can't believe how immersed I'm getting here at the MTC, we started TRC (Training Resource Center) last week like I told you (I think), and this week they sent us hard-balling. I had to teach TWO MEMBERS FROM SLOVAKIA!!! Oh my gosh they were so crazy fast at talking, and I was surprised by how absolutely beautiful it is sounding (I heard one of the Bulgarian natives give a prayer and it sounded like he was gargling rocks or something), and guess what surprised me even more?!? I could understand almost 3 quarters of what they were saying!!! I've only been here 3 weeks and one of the people, a 19 year-old girl going to UVU from Býča, Slovénska Républíku complimented me on how fluent I am, I was so excited!=D The gift of tongues is a real thing, and it's manifested even more as we ask for it. In Slovak, while I was saying my prayer before the lesson I said, "Prosím požehnaj s darom jazykov, a Duch Sväteho tak môzem byť ako kapela pre vás môj Pán," (Please bless us with the gift of tongues [or language], and with the Holy Spirit so we can be one with you, my Lord) and it was totally answered in exactly the way I needed. I am so grateful for the Lord's willingness to help missionaries with anything and everything.

So Martin this last week: he was kind of beating around the bush with commitments, so finally I just straight up asked him why he won't pray, he said he doesn't know but he likes it when I pray and he started saying something else, but I cut him off and said, No, you're going to pray NOW. Do you know how? Because if not, we're gonna do some learning. His prayer was wonderful and he actually felt the Spirit more strongly than he did before, after the last lesson, he's been reading his scriptures and praying along with that so we're preparing to pop the baptism question (...AGAIN...), but teach him more about what it means first.=) We're getting a new investigator today by the way, I can't wait to see who I get to love next.:)

Chris connects with his cousin Elder Allen
We had our 1/3 interviews with our teachers 2 days ago, and I was very surprised by my teacher. He commended me for my patience and wisdom. He also said it was really cool to watch in companionship study how I hardly say a word, but my message is always clear and poignant and usually ends up being what we teach. My teachers are amazing.=) Brother Zabriskie is dating Cameron Hernandez' older sister and I constantly tease him about it! But it's cool, he reminds me a lot of Ian Schwarting except with the mannerisms of a 5 year-old boy, it's kinda funny. Brother Fish I thought was this like elegant dignified gentleman who is just always composed, but now that he's been around us for a couple of weeks, his weird, crazy side is coming out. Last but not least, Brother Bodily is a prodigy with the language, his accent and speed are just as good if not better than the natives I've spoken with, and I'm working really hard on being able to speak like him and practicing as much as I can, it's really hard, but I love it.=)

Well anyway, I can't express how much I love you guys, every letter, dear elder, and email are being saved in a drawer in my room, I've read all of them like 5 times, but don't worry, I'm not being distracted from the work of the Lord that I'm learning how to accomplish. Keep being outstanding individuals! BTW TAYLOR WRITE ME LETTERS YOU TARD! Get my address from my fam, just text my old number it will be easiest.=)

Milujém ťa (I love you),
Starší Chris Brousseau

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  1. So wonderful Chrs? We sure love you and love hearing about what you doing in the MTC!
    We went to 2 primary programs
    Sunday ! Grandpa said to tell you, Sarah was wonderful ! She did a duet with another girl .I went to Daniel and Sam s and he shared a story about our conversion and I told him he had to share it with you ! We are blessed grandparents! We send our love for your continued success and happiness?