Chris' Special Tie Knot

Chris' Special Tie Knot

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween at the MTC


I am so excited to talk to you all again! My companions and I are starting to really teach with unity because of the lessons we are learning here. It is good to watch.
Chris' official Minister Credentials

It is a little funny to me to have so little to say, but so much to tell you about, so here goes.

So this week has been wonderful. I'm getting really close to being fluent in Slovak, but Czech is getting a little harder. We have gotten through nearly all of the grammar in both of the languages and are working on memorizing what we have learned. The hardest part for me is casing the nouns throughout your sentences. These languages require you to already know your entire sentence before you start speaking, otherwise the things you say don't make sense. It's amazing though how quickly we get it, the spirit is helping us with every aspect of the work. On Monday I got a blue no english smiley so I am only supposed to speak my languages and am required to bear my testimony to at least 3 people outside my zone every day! It is very hard, especially because my language is hard for English speakers to understand, but I just go over to the Russian building and speak with the Starashinas usually.=)

So I have been seeing many people that I know from before my mission and it makes me very happy to have that communication with them. I have seen in this past week, Ben Thomas, Ryan Alvord, Nate Hunter, Taylor Vanburen, and Ryan Sheppard. It always makes me happy to see their faces when I speak. They say it is like I am from my mission already. It is sad though to know that I can not see all of you here, but I love to get pictures, especially in letters because I can take those and carry them around with my so that everyone can know that I have the best friends and family of any missionary. On Tuesday we had a very inspiring devotional from Elder Godoy of the seventy, who talked about his conversion story in Brazil. He was such a funny speaker, he is normally at the Mexico MTC, and doesn't speak much English, so he gets his point across through his hands. One day I hope to have as powerful a conversion story as his.

Chris with one of his MTC teachers
I am constantly amazed by the spirit here at the MTC. We are teaching 3 investigators at this point, named Rado, Martin, and André. Rado is going to be baptized tomorrow, and then we will start teaching him about the priesthood and how he can prepare to obtain it!!! Martin still does not feel prepared for baptism, and our companionship is working on how to help him know that this will change his life for the better. He wants to be baptized, but I think he is scared because he does not understand how it applies to him. André gets on my nerves. Our lessons go something like this, "Ježiš Kristus zomrel pré vas. Prečo mýslite to stalo sa? Neviem, On zomrel pré mňa? Áno, pretože miluje vám. Prečo zomrel?" or in English, "Jesus died for you. Why do you think he did that? I do not know, he died for me? Yes, because he loves you. Did Jesus even die?" It is very frustrating. I think I am going to let my companions field his questions so that I do not hit him.
Book of Mormon in Slovak!

I know there is more I wish to say, but I can not think of it right now, so I will continue to write and hope it comes to me. My little sister Maddie is an angel, oh my goodness. I have never met someone who can write a letter that makes me cry no matter how many times I read it. She is beyond sweet and I think of her every day here at the MTC. I can not wait to see how much she has grown spiritually by the time I come home. There are 3 other angels whom I wish to speak of as well. Kuddlebug, Katesters, and Aleckay! These 3 girlies made my Halloween wonderful, and speaking of which, guess what I dressed up as??? STEVE! From Blue's clues! My companions helped me with the idea. It is so fun to see the creativity of the missionaries here, Elder Christensen dressed up as Dracula, and Elder Asay dressed up as Elder Hubbard. Sister Walker, one of the Croatian sisters dressed up as her teacher, Brat Hansen, and actually did very well with her costume. It is so fun to have friends like these. OH! yesterday I tried out for a special musical number and made it! I will be playing the piano, and it will most likely be broadcast to every MTC sometime in November. I am so scared, but I know that God wants to bless his missionaries through music and won't allow me to mess up. Elder Asay is done with his email, and is helping my English on this one.

I love you all so much, and enjoy all the mail I receive. If you haven't already tried it, is the most wonderful thing for missionaries, I love getting those. I am out of time, but know that everything you do blesses me, and I hope that I can bless you in the same if not better ways.

Milujem ťa od moje srdce!

Starší Chris Brousseau

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