Chris' Special Tie Knot

Chris' Special Tie Knot

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Owns Town Square

Elder Brousseau & his companion own the town square

So cutting to the chase, I really don't have a kopec of time at the moment. Just a quick flash-back, I remember how hard it was to go without English in the MTC and how people said I sounded like I was already in the mission, and I felt like I was forgetting English then...I didn't know what I was talking about. I can't wait to see how bad it is when I come home, haha, it's your job to help me get back to normal, deal? My sister's going to help me with the whole normal person thing.

So Monday: Had an awesome contest to see who could take the most awkward picture of everyone else, specifically, our group leader. I won by a long shot, haha. But besides that, we got a new investigator, but he's going out of town for a while, so I don't really know how much is going to come from that. Maybe he'll find more missionaries on his trip and talk to them.
Elder Brousseau
I'm really relating with another missionary at the moment, keep pushing through buddy, just because an investigator isn't progressing at the moment, and you have to drop them doesn't mean you're doing badly or that you need to give up hope. I just got some news that a cute little family that I found in Trencin is about to be on baptismal date, even after they had to be dropped because of lack of effort on their part as far as keeping commitments. It showed them that we were serious about the blessings that came from them. Also I might be able to go there for that and take some pictures, maybe, I really really hope so.

Tuesday: Weird and slightly disappointing day if you look at it in a bad light. Basically all we did was have lots of stuff fall through (including District Finding), and then my companion taught a lesson for the other area...But I got to see more from my influence in Trencin when another missionary and I (who I was taking care of because he was sick) got contacted by 2 people who recognized me. They had been in Trencin for not even a whole day, but they saw me and how happy I was, and heard from someone that I taught English, so they came up and asked us about it. Then they came on Wednesday and loved it. Hoping that they start to ask us questions like, "What does it mean to be a missionary, like, what do you do?" Because people here really don't understand what missionaries are. Also, I finished writing an AWESOME version of Amazing Grace for the concert. I'm accompanying another missionary on the guitar, so it's written for a bass, and it's in Drop-D tuning and just wonderful I can't wait to perform it.

Unpredictable Slovak weather
Wednesday: Honestly, my memory is just failing me so hard right now, all I remember was a 6 hour contacting block, because we're literally making a war on all other missionaries right now. We decided that we want to contact so many people that all of the other faith missionaries, and even the companies will recognize that main street is our turf and just back off. So far it's working well, I can proudly state that there are no more JW's on our street, haha.

Thursday: Another lady attacked us, but we're getting better at the positivity thing at the moment. we're making sure to stay positive and loving, even in the face of people who really hate us.

Friday: This is another day I honestly don't remember, I really should bring my journal when I email, the days are all just a blur of contacting and bench lessons.

Saturday: A man didn't come to another Ladovy medved unfortunately, because we really need the help, but the good thing is, we were able to do a group practice, which is amazing, and definitely needed, we need more of those.

Sunday: Another 6 hour contacting block, but considerably more successful, I've been focusing my study on 5 minute lessons from Preach My Gospel, which are a LIFESAVER, people need to hear the restored truth, and it gives you a bunch of little phrases that really pack a punch.

Anyway, my companion is rushing me away, so Love you all lots, and I hope your week is wonderful!

Starsi Bruso
Beautiful Slovak sunset
Nitra, Slovakia washed clean

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