Chris' Special Tie Knot

Chris' Special Tie Knot

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Progress in Nitra, Slovakia!


Yes, well, good, so, first off, for anyone reading this who is a missionary or who is planning on going on a mission, you should know going into it that man, the best thing ever is asking people for referrals. I never really believed in it before this transfer, I mean, I had seen it work sometimes, but seriously, just ask everyonewhether it's a contact or a lesson, whether it's going well or badly, eventually you will find a referral machine with real intent. These people, whether they mean to or not, help you out, it's funny how God has a sense of humor. We will ask a guy about the gospel and he will say something like, "no," and swear at us, and then we will say something like, "well we are looking for smart people, do you know someone smart who likes good experiences?" And then he will be sarcastic and say, "I don't know anyone, try that guy over there" and point to some random guy. That's when you say thanks and go try it and it turns out that guy he pointed at is seriously prepared.

So at the moment, our missionary work is rocketing here, and I am convinced that it is all to do with obedience. Elder R and I are both doing our best to be obedient, and it seems to be paying off. This branch in Nitra is really starting to grow and it seems like it's going to grow quickly. In the last week, we had the opportunity of teaching K. some more, and he is doing great, we are planning on giving him a preview to the baptismal interview later today. M is progressing so fast! He feels like he has found something really special and it shows. He is ecstatic to talk with us every single time. N is still working on getting a place to live, but the church has given us some money to work with for a temporary solution so he can get up on his feet. OOOOOOOh my, this whole experience with him has been so stressful. Probably the whole reason I was called here to Nitra was to be patient and just love the poop out of him during this stressful time. D and V have both started to progress, I can't wait to see where everything goes with them, especially D. She's just so happy. This gospel would be the best thing for her.

We started looking at new buildings, so we will probably be sending pictures pretty quick. We found one I really like on the town square with a great view, about 3 times the size as the one we are meeting in right now. It would be a more convenient and well known location, in a well known building, and I think if all goes well, we might be able to convert the whole building to a chapel later. The problem is, since we are still a group and not a branch, we aren't entitled to a building so that might not actually bring itself to pass. Keep your hopes high though--we need it.

Here we come to the big one. O has decided to be baptized on November first, and oh my are we so excited. She told us that, despite all of the anti-mormon material she has read, despite all of her friends and family, despite all of everything, she knows it is true, and that knowledge makes her want to act. COOLEST GIRL EVER!! So that will be happening and our job at this point is to be there for her when Satan comes with his fiery darts. She is so happy about it too, we're so excited. She decided to surprise us, because on Saturday she would NOT do her baptismal interview. She was like, "it's not fair, I don't get to pick who does it," but then, she just went out in the hall with the District Leader, WITHOUT TELLING US, and had her interview in the middle of church. Man, it's hard to express my feelings at the moment, we are just so so so so happy for her, and how this is really happening. Take that, traditions! We are going to grow this church no matter where we are.

There is really not much else to say. We are going to be making sure that we get out of the building more this week. We have been teaching too much, and I'm getting antsy about finding again. Love you all lots. I hope that you get a good missionary experience this week that you can email me about.

Lots and lots of love,

Elder Brousseau

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