Chris' Special Tie Knot

Chris' Special Tie Knot

Monday, February 2, 2015

Korean Doritos in Slovakia

Nazdar Všetci (Hi Everyone)!

Here we are, I'm using a Slovak computer again and can't figure out for the life of me how to change the keyboard into English, so please forgive any typos! Another good week in Žilina has come and gone, and I got a haircut!! That's seriously the biggest news of the week, nothing has really changed in the past week except for we are steadily growing how many new investigators  and lessons we are getting weekly, which has entirely to do with attitude. We have good attitudes, and it shows in our work!

Monday: P day, Elder S. and I went boot shopping because it has been dumping snow, and my shoes are quite literally falling apart, I need some more super-glue... But, I found a great deal on some nice brown boots that were on super sale, I am now praying that they last so that I can take them home because they are SOOO not American, haha. We also met with Alessandro again, who I am somewhat worried about. He doesn't really seem to understand English all that well, despite being an English teacher here. If one of you needs a job and doesn't mind moving, you would get accepted in 1 second if you applied as an English teacher here.

Tuesday: I don't really remember a whole lot about Tuesday unfortunately, but we went to District lunch and we went to a pizza place, where I saw the first 4-meat pizza Ive seen anywhere in more than a year...I had to get it. I was sitting there, staring into the jealousy on the 3 other elders' faces, anticipating how amazing my pizza full of meat was going to be when it came...and it had 4 types of meat on it...but they were all separate. We had a huge laugh about it because the pizza was divided into fourths with one type of meat on each fourth. Great, right? we had a great time after that district finding, where I simply must describe what happened as we were getting ready to sing the last song in our singing display.
Us: Hey, that's that one guy we've talked to twice already!
Guy: Hello missionaries.
Us: Can we meet and talk about our church? You always have great questions about what we believe!
Guy: Let's leave it up to fate. If I run into you guys again, then we'll meet.
Us: That's what you said last time.
Guy: Lolwut?
Us: This is the THIRD time you've run into us.
Guy: Oh...huh...ok, well I guess we need to meet then, come on, well go for a beer right now.
Us: Oh boy.
And then we went with him and had a great meeting! It think it's so funny, Slovaks always say that, and then they avoid us when we meet them again so that they don't have to, but it worked and we have a great new investigator! Good thing too, he's actually interested.

Wednesday: I went on an exchange to Žilina North with Elder F.. He's pretty awesome, but just a tad bit trunky. We had a lot of fun talking to people, especially because he's probably the best speaker in the mission, he's 2 transfers ahead of me, and thats my goal of what to hit when I get there. It was amazing how much easier it has seemed this transfer, when Elder B., who is getting trained, is the only person in the District with any trouble speaking the language, we really are getting work done.

Thursday: Again, I don't remember much other than teaching M. (our awesome Baptismal Date in Germany), and English. I wish that the people coming to English would have more interest in the gospel, I'm going to work on being more excited about the gospel this week, I hope people like overly-excited American boys.

Friday: WE WENT TO PUCHOV!! haha, there's nothing really special about it other than I rode a train. Its been a long while because you pretty much just take busses in Nitra, and I like trains more. Also I have a Junior Pass to give me a discount for trains. But it was so great, we taught M. K., who is the only member in her city and gosh is she strong. Its like right between Trenčín and Žilina, so she shows up at church when she can come in both areas. We also had a referral there from Banská Bystrica, so we had a full trip, and it was a blast.

Saturday: Found an amazing store here, it sells American stuff. Its a Korean Store. I had forgotten that Doritoes existed, and now I have a huge temptation to go spend 10 Euros to get a bag...Pray for me.

Sunday: Awesomeest Tracting Session ever. I really just love tracting, you know that? We went out of our city to a little village, and we just went tracting all day after church in the cold dark snow, and just loved literally every second of it. This little village is the same place where last week we accidentally lost somebody's dog because it was retarded and bolted out the gate as soon as we opened it to go knock on their door (I really like talking to people, not little intercom stuff, and Im not all that scared of big dogs). Good news! The dog came back or somebody found him at some point during the week. My poor companion felt so guilty that we couldn't catch the dog after chasing him around for like 30 minutes with no success, but he did poop under some random neighbor's tree. I really would have loved to see that reaction.
Neighbor: Walks out of house to observe the land beyond his 9-foot tall gate

On second thought I think my imagination is better. Our concluding thought for the day has to do again with this little village. We found during tracting that the local Catholic priest gave his Sunday morning sermon all about how if someone had recieved one of the tracting letters that we put out, that it was a betrayal to their faith for them to talk to us. We are now searching and have very strong feelings that the first person who says: I want to know why he said that, is going to be baptized. Can't wait to find them.

Lots of love, I hope you're doing amazing!

Elder Brousseau

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