Chris' Special Tie Knot

Chris' Special Tie Knot

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tak sa Tesim na (I So Look Forward To) Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Haha, you can ignore the title, my companion just got an email telling us some details about the release date and everything and we've decided to get a group together for the midnight showing. But that's a long time in the future. What's happening right now, is:

I am still having the biggest blast being a missionary.

Here in Blava, there are a lot of missionary skills I'm finding that I still need to master. I really like that I actually had the experience that I did, which is pretty much the opposite of most missionaries in Slovakia, which is to start outside of Blava, and not go there until you've served almost everywhere else. Then you get a whole lot of the awkwardness of missionary work over with, and on top of that, you have an opportunity to learn a lot about why the people are the way they are, especially just in different areas in the mission FIRST, instead of just getting thrust in, and immediately frustrated, like seems to happen sometimes. One of these skills though, that I'm working on mastering at the moment, is bus/tram contacting. Man, it is a WHOLE lot different to contact someone on the street, or to ring someone's doorbell or zvoncek as the case may be, than to contact them on a bus, and it needs to be handled differently, especially because it seems Slovaks can only handle a certain level of awkward before they flip out and make the situation like 200x more awkward than it already was. The thing I'm grateful for though, is having seen the other types of missionary work before, which helps me build the faith to know that learning how to bus contact effectively is actually worth it. There are people who need to be found, and sometimes the Lord has them literally just sitting there in front of us, and we just need to speak up.

Well, Right now, there are 4 and a half people on date in my area, the half is K., a guy who I think if we were in contact, he would make it, but since we're not, he's probably not. The other 4 are in good positions though.

So W.: She didn't get baptized because she was sick last Saturday, and she's been sick the whole week. Something a little bit annoying about Slovaks is: when they get sick, they just completely shut down. Literally, I've had a cold for a few days and people have been yelling at me like, "Why are you outside? Call your boss and just tell him you need 3 days to just sit at home and don't do anything!" I keep thinking like, What the poop? Anyway, our plan with her is to tell her that whenever she's ready to be baptized, we'll just take her down to the river, she doesn't really need a socialna udalost...

A.: He still hasn't talked to his wife about baptism, but his date is this Saturday, so that may not be a problem. He still needs to learn a few more things like temples and eternal families, but according to what we think of him, he will make it.

M.: Finally on date! Haha, she's going to finish studying, and then she finally consented to be baptized because she knows it's true. So great.

M.: Next Monday... The clincher is whether she comes to church this Sunday, she can still make it, but most likely we'll have to move it back a little bit.

and that's about it. Our other investigators are doing great, but these 5 are doing really well with the exception of K. He's probably just still in Turkey, I hope he found the missionaries there.

I'm doing really well on top of that, about once every week it hits me again exactly where I am (Slovakia, not America), and what I'm doing (Serving a mission, which was always just sort of a dream in the back of my head, like, suuuure, yeeeeeaaaah, I'll do that...When I'm like 19, but that will never happen.) and it renews the original excitement of coming. I'm so grateful to be here. I'll write you all again next week, and hopefully I'll have 2 baptismal pictures to send as well, keep those investigators in your prayers.

Modlievam sa pre kazdeho z vas osobne denne. Mam vas velmi rad.

Elder Brousseau

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