Chris' Special Tie Knot

Chris' Special Tie Knot

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sister haircuts and Easter Wreaths

Chris' first Easter Wreath

My New Haircut
Here's to another good week in Slovakia! So, first things first, right after I emailed last week, myself and my companion got invited to a relief society activity where we learned how to make easter wreaths and baskets out of newspaper! It was awesome, and not super hard, and even better, it turns out looking crazy awesome, even I was surprised, I'm definitely gonna do that at some point when I come home, and best news of all, one sister stepped down and let sister another sister lead the activity!!! Progress has been made, hearts have been softened, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups have been eaten. After the activity as well, another sister cut my hair! It was the first haircut she's ever given in her life, but it wasn't half bad. It wasn't anywhere NEAR as good as one from a sister in my ward back home, but I don't know how you'd ever beat that, haha.

Chris accompanying the sister missionaries
Anyway, things are going pretty well, we haven't really had anything scary happen this week other than there's a circus that's coming into Trencin that has really weird posters called Cirkus Aleš, it's just weird. On the bright side, more people are outside now that it's getting warmer and the ice cream stands are open. BTW, the ice cream here is just out of this world, I can't believe how good it is, it doesn't even matter what flavor you get either. We're probably going to go broke in the summer because of the ice cream stands...On the down-side, not very many people have expressed any interest in anything, in fact, it constantly seems like people are listening less. For example, last night, I contacted a man and said, Hi, we're American and we want to understand Slovaks better, would you be willing to answer a question for me? Because I was wondering what in the world the difference is between the like 5 different words they use that all mean "normally", and the dude stopped for a second, turned around, and said, I'm Catholic, I was born catholic and I will die Catholic. I said, ok, well I'm still American and I have a quick question about slovak, could you tell me what the difference is between the words, obyčajne, obvykle, bežne, and normalne is? And he said Let's just leave it how it is, you have your own belief and I have my own belief. I said, did you not hear me right? And he just walked away. I was not happy the rest of the way home.

Haha, So a sister in the branch has taken it upon herself to make sure that we're prepared for getting out of the house and living on our own by teaching us how to make all sorts of Slovak recipes, it's absolutely wonderful, but I don't know how good it will be in America, maybe I should just go home for a couple of days and then come back here to live. Anyway, We've been making a lot of progress with her, AND with her new husband! He is an atheist who served in the army here, and oh boy does he have some stories that he's not afraid to share. I've been learning ALL sorts of new vocabulary from him too, because we haven't really talked to anyone on the street about things like shotguns and calibers and things like that, which is nice. But the progress is, they love being with us and talking with us about everything, and they're getting more comfortable, without us even saying anything, with the idea of coming to church, in fact, they're both planning on coming and watching General Conference, which I am SO excited for, and also, they're planning on travelling WITH the missionaries to our next District Conference in Brno. I am so ecstatic to see them coming closer to the church.

Our investigators are doing well, although, I was very disappointed when, after meeting with all of them and committing all of them to come to church, that only one man showed up. That poor dude, he feels all alone at church, if we could get all of our investigators to show up at the same time, they would just all love each other and get baptized on the spot I swear. So that's what I'm going to be working on really hard this week is getting investigators to church, I'll let you know how that goes. Revelation through Church Attendance is an important thing, or so I hear.

Slovak Concert
In other news, I got to go to another Opera with a sister in the branch this week, this one was a children's performance about Easter, it was super cool. The kids here are really talented, but most of them you can tell are only that talented because they're pushed so hard, like this one little girl was just pouting the whole time on stage while she played her violin. She didn't miss a note, and everything was memorized, but you could just tell that she wasn't happy at all. It made me kinda sad, but I'm thinking I like Slovak operas, minus the singing, that bugs me.

Love you all lots,

Starší Chris Brousseau

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