Chris' Special Tie Knot

Chris' Special Tie Knot

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dangers of too much halusky...

Beautiful Trecin, Slovakia

Haha, now my family knows how to say that and what it means!

Weight pre-halusky
Heaping Halusky!
On the downside, I don't want to have to go through the process of having my language skills decrease like almost every return missionary has to worry about when they get home... But good news, I got to Skype yesterday with my family because of a huge miracle that's happened here! The miracle involves my upstairs neighbor, a retired biochemist who really misses her kids, and my mission president who gave us permission to do something usually completely forbidden to missionaries (use a non-member's computer). Just cool stuff.

Unbelievable finish!
So into our week. Monday was basically just a huge Zazitok. My companion and myself had the family home evening that every missionary dreams of: New family that we tracted into, beautiful young married couple who have 3 darling children, all of them, even the 3 year old are bi-lingual, and they just love you on sight. We played a game (in English) called Shadows under Camelot or something like that, it was kind of a weird game, but I liked it, it was nice. Afterwards, to reward ourselves for our hard work/success, we decided to use an extra potato making Halusky. Holy crap. I made so much I felt prompted to take a picture of my weight before I started eating. There was 4.2 pounds of Halusky that was on my plate and I ate it all and then we couldn't really do anything the rest of the night but lie down, I don't think I'm doing that again anytime soon...
Weight post-halusky

On to conference with President McConkie
The rest of my week has actually been pretty boring up until a couple of things that have happened. 1: We received a paper this week from our Lawyer in Bratislava with proof that we are a real registered church here, and that we really do have the right to preach and advertise and tract and contact people, because some missionaries have been running into the problem of people calling the police on them when they tract their houses. I refuse to say whether or not I was one of these. 2: We got to take a walk around Trencin with a man and see all of these really cool things that you would never think of looking at if you weren't a Slovak who lives there, such as these pill boxes that are all over the place because this city is constantly prepared for war, but doesn't want to look like they are. Kinda scary, but really cool.

Standing room only

On Friday, all of the Elders who are serving in Nitra came and stayed in our little apartment overnight, and we had interviews with President. Our President is SO inspired, and I just love him to death, it's so cool. On that note from before though, most entertaining night of my mission so far, five other missionaries and myself all in the same little flat just being crazy missionaries, it was so great. Then the next day we had the anniversary party for the day Slovakia was Dedicated by President Uchtdorf. That party was crazy, I don't know if I can describe it in words, it was just amazing to see all these members from all over Slovakia filling up our ward-house, it was so cool, and spiritual. And then we had gulas. I think I'm going to be the illest gulas-maker when I get home. Or maybe not. I haven't actually tried cooking it yet.

Celebrating the church in Slovakia
Then Sunday happened. Just had an awesome talk that I gave and a cool day at church where we finally had an actual full, it was really cool, and our investigator came to church and I could tell he had a really good experience, so that was exciting. I hope that you are all doing very well and that my mom gets very healthy.
Love you all so much,
Elder Chris Brousseau

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