Chris' Special Tie Knot

Chris' Special Tie Knot

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Making Inroads...

Good looking district!

So yeah, I wanted to start out with something that I've started doing that's helped me out a bit the last couple of weeks. I, at the end of last transfer started writing in my Misionársky denný plánovač ever day from 7-8 "shuffle." Why would I write that you ask? Well #1 because every day I'm shuffling, but #2, I've found that when I get out of the shower if I go and just shuffle cards for a while, while reading my scriptures, it helps me to keep pretty calm and focused the whole day, and also I never feel tired while reading because I've got something to do during it. And then every time I open my planner up, I just have to smile. So on to the week.

Monday: P~Day had, unfortunately, a lesson drop, and also an investigator drop us, but it's a good thing. We heard from some general authorities that if we aren't getting rejected a good # of times every day that we aren't truly doing the Lord's work, because he was prophesied to be throughout history rejected and scorned. Filling my end of that bargain currently.

Tuesday: We had a boss District Meeting where we got lots of things figured out, napriklad, we're going to start working with our building manager to have signs for the church at least on the list of names outside so that people looking for us can find us, because we've had that problem in the past...but we're also starting to work on our concert for real. This thing is going to be awesome. Ours is the most talented musical district in the entire mission, and we are prepared to show it and invite people to the gospel because of it. We also went and found a company called Echo, which is a newspaper here. That's right, we're planning on being in the newspaper, AW YEAH. But seriously, we went to go see if there was a possibility, and the people there LOVED us, they had been talking about Mormons earlier that day and were just floored that we were normal people, and that we were American (they thought we were Slovak). So yeah, that was pretty sweet, there's going to be an article published in 3 newspapers here, Echo, Sme, and...I can't remember the last name.

Wednesday: Went and did service again, but it went really really weird. We were mowing and some guy came up to us and said, "hey, I know you're American. Is that how they mow things in America? Because I've never done it that way in my life." and we said, "Oh gosh, NO, we have real lawnmowers in America, we've never done it this way either." Then we kind of just looked at each other and he went in and talked to the people who told us to mow that way. Turns out they DO have a mower, just didn't want to tell us. Haha, can't wait to see them next week.

Thursday: Ooh, something I forgot about Wednesday, we taught a cool English lesson that we got complimented on by our students. It was about Quantum Physics, which I know a tiny bit about and so does my companion. We talked about rules, and then about how even tiny things like atoms MUST obey rules. Then we talked about how the "why" was that when we force a certain type of atom to disobey the rules of Opposite Attraction, and also Nuclear Orbit, namely by splitting apart, that it creates a very high powered explosion which is the center of an atomic bomb. They really liked it. But Thursday we had a singing display on the street, which I'm very happy with, those things are getting more and more successful. We were also on an Exchange so I was back with another elder from the MTC!  So that was awesome, we put an ad in a different newspaper called the Pardon for English, because I'm getting into the habit of making friends with businessmen and government people and also now newspaper reporters. Slovakia is really setting itself up to have everybody just all of a sudden get baptized. Game night was awesome, we played Bang! and we played it in Czech, because the rules and the cards were all in Czech. That was great.

Friday: Spent most of the day on busses going to Hronovce and Želiezovce, which are both closer to Hungary than they are to Nitra. But we went and visited 2 members and an investigator and just had a great time, our investigator says that she'll be baptized as soon as her son has a job, so keep her in your prayers.

Saturday: Sort of disappointing. Just one of those days where you were doing everything right, but nothing went right. I really have learned to love days like this though, because it helps you to be able to see all of the days that went really well, and on top of that, it helps you notice what you ARE doing right. For example, we had a goal to find a venue for our concert and that we weren't going to stop talking to people and stores and everything until we did. We didn't find a venue, but we DID talk to several hundred people telling them that we were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and that we believe in praising God for everything, so that might have helped plant a few seeds. And then I got to teach!!!!

Sunday: Dang huge storm came in and just stopped the work. Ended up just practicing hymns for the concert in our church building with the other Elders because it wasn't safe to go outside.
Big Storm in Nitra, Slovakia
Street Contacting

So I've come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a hard area, just a different area. This area is brand new, with a hotline straight to the Papeš, and people have been saying it's the hardest area in the mission. Then my companion and I went and taught more lessons this week than every other companionship in our Zone. The same as everything else in life, you just need to plan effectively and excecute flexibly using things that work for your circumstances. It doesn't matter what situation you're in, it matters what attitude you have, and when that attitude is fearless, shameless, and happy, you're going to kill it. Keep us in your prayers, the Lord is very good to us, and I don't want pride on my part to stop the work/blessings here. I want to have a quick shout-out to the future missionaries in my ward, you guys are amazing, I can't wait to hear all about your missions, and then to my dad. Thanks so much for your advice, that teaching a solid first discussion every day thing had better really start moving the work forward here because I've been doing it for 6 months now. To my brother: I am so ridiculously glad to hear that you and my buddy were the bunnies on that King's Peak expedition. That tradition that we worked so hard to build is very important for our ward, you're strong and patient, and leading the pack and then making sure no one is left behind is a skill that will benefit every situation you come in contact with. Keep doing that.
Grandma, I'm so sorry I forgot to put you in my threads, I hope that this satisfies.
Mám vás všetci strášne rad,
Starší Brúso

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