Chris' Special Tie Knot

Chris' Special Tie Knot

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Modlitba Detí v Nutrí Synagogy

Chris likes to climb trees

So wow, what a blast. First of all, these titles are probably just going to make Google Translate cry, it is really, really terrible at Slovak. I should know, I did some translations for Prague this week because my mission president has been talking up my language skills. It is ridiculous to translate church terms like endowment and sealed to spouse into languages that have like 16 different words to say each of them, but myself and one of the members on the official translation team for the church were able to get it pretty much figured out, thank heavens. But suffice it to say, we laughed quite a bit at what
GoogleTranslate spit out when we put in simple phrases, like, "I ate some bread inside my house," came out as, "Inside I was eaten house." Maybe there's a good job opportunity there when I get home. But let's see, here are some highlights from my week.

On Monday, since our District is small and we're in a big city we don't see each other very much unless we plan to, so on P~Day, we went and played Bang in the building. We all spoke Czech while we did it too, like normal. Czech is a weird thing. I adore the accent of a Czech person, but when they speak Czech, it sounds like there's some things going wrong in their brain to me. A Czech accent speaking Slovak is really where it's at. But yeah, ordered pizza and the whole shabang, great P~Day activity.

Take time to 'sharpen the scythe..."
Tuesday, we had District Lunch at this crazy Italian place that we're never going back to. Our group leader here is Italian and he said that this place is the most authentic food in Nitra. Turns out nobody really likes Italian food, they like American-Italian food, because real Italian food is pretty nasty-rank-not-good.

Wednesday during service, I finally got around to editing some of my favorite photos from my mission on my camera, and it was pretty sick. Also got to use a legitimate scythe because the lawnmower is "broken" (not really, Slovaks just think we're kinda stupid), and the weed-whacker really is broken, but they won't believe me about that. So we used the scythe that I sharpened and we got a lot done and I have blisters (yay). Also climbed a tree and found baby birds.

The field is white, ready to harvest
Thursday I had an Exchange with another elder. I like him a LOT more than I did my first transfer, I hope that my love towards other missionaries just continues to grow. We set up for me to be able to
practice on a big nice grand piano every morning for an hour until our concert on August 5th, which PRESIDENT IS COMING TO because he heard how successful the last concert that I headed was, he's going to come play his violin and I'm going to accompany him. And guess where this concert is that is going to be about Christ? That's right, I'll tell you the week of the concert because it's a surprise.

Friday I actually got to GO and practice, which was beautiful and amazing, I have never been so happy about practicing the piano in my life. I'm going to be playing a couple of hard things, I'm arranging Savior Redeemer of my soul for a Solo voice and a solo Violin both with a piano accompaniment, so that's gonna be cool and I'm playing "O Divine Redeemer" for another elder.

Using Elder Brousseau's unique gifts
Saturday Miracle! So a lady is a little antsy about picking a baptismal date. Her main concern right now is that she doesn't have enough time to go and try out all of the churches so she can't know FOR SURE that ours is correct, and we're going to address that concern with, why don't you ask God? He knows which one is right, and I guarantee he'll say it's ours. But we had a wonderful lesson with her, she's progressing so well, she's a little dentist who lives in a super small Hungarian village, it's sweet. But on the way home, I went a little bit out of my comfort zone, and instead of just sitting on the traveling bus where we're actually not allowed completely to contact because people get so angry, I went up and just was talking to the bus driver and ended up teaching a SOLID restoration lesson, and I'm sure something will come of it, because we see him at least once a week.

Sunday Our group here is sweet. I can't WAIT until we're able to call ourselves a branch, and I'm positive that the work I'm doing right now is doing a lot more than setting a foundation here, it's more like setting up a trampoline for the next missionaries, or maybe even me to spring off of. We taught a sweet lady again after church, and she told us that she has been really surprised by our church in making sure that not a single young man that they've sent to her has been stupid.

Anyway, in other news, the newspaper article should be published next week if we have any luck,  it's going to be great, and we're having an exchange this Wednesday. With the AP's. That means only 1 of 2 things when they come and exchange with missionaries that aren't in leadership positions or training: 1. That we're extremely disobedient and need to change. or 2. President is planning on giving one of us a doozy of a responsibility in the near future. The last time this happened was when my trainer was called to be a Zone Leader AND a trainer in a new area. And I know that we're not being disobedient in the slightest so wish me luck!

S Laskou,

Starší Brúso

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